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Coventry Construction Ltd. (CovCon)

Coventry Construction was formed from humble beginnings in 1960 by Neville Aldersley, capitalising on Coventry's economic boom. Early success was linked to the growth of the local automotive industry, and established the company as a reliable supplier of structural steelwork; building for companies like Jaguar, Daimler, Hillman, Humber,  Peugeot, Rolls Royce and British Leyland as they expanded. Other local clients outside of the automotive industry included Massey Furguson, Dunlop, GEC, Courtaulds and many more.


As the City's infrastructure continued to grow and develop so did the diversity of the number and types of projects with many iconic buildings and structures still standing today. 

In the sixty years since, Coventry Construction Ltd remains a family-owned and operated business, and uses its vast experience in the industry to serve the evolving needs of the Midlands and beyond.  When son Joel Aldersley took over the helm 20 years ago he maintained the structural steelwork, and developed two more strands of the business including Architectural Metalwork as well as Roofing and Cladding. "CovCon" as the company is known offers clients a truly "bespoke envelope package" making it easy for Contractors to work on projects with seamless management from design through to completion.

Today the company works across the spectrum of sectors and is a preferred supplier to a number of major contractors. 


Quality Assurance

We are proud to be CE marked and produce steelwork to the highest standards as we are qualified up to and including Execution class 4 in line with Construction Products Regulation in accordance with Factory Production Control (FPC) under BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011.2:2018. As part of this qualification we have our Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 2018. We conform to British and EC codes.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety is the most important aspect of any work that we do at Coventry Construction. Whether it be in our own work facilities or onsite, Coventry Construction put Health and Safety first always. At every work stage, we are always looking on ways to improve the health and safety for our workers and others around them to ensure that we exceed the industry's health and safety standards.



At Coventry Construction we fully support the drive for more environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions within the construction industry. Our clients often require assistance in creating sustainable design solutions which we are happy to offer our expertise. All materials are recycled and sustainably sourced where possible, throughout the business, to minimise our environmental impact.

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