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Cut & Carve, also known as structural modifications can be defined as the process of re-engineering existing building structures to accommodate a proposed change, to correct structural damage or structural defect.

The process of structural modifications needs complex planning, careful surveying and collaboration with other trades to ensure smooth running of the project with the upmost efficiency.

Coventry Construction Ltd. has been involved in some complex and inspirational schemes that have ranged in size and budget.


Larger projects have included the use of a 4G football pitch and its conversion to a 50m Olympic Swimming pool at the Alan Higgs Centre in Coventry.

Experience has given us practical insights into the detailing methodology and the changes that can present itself during the period of any given project.


  • Alter the structure of an existing building with our cut & carve service

  • Measured and customised precisely to your requirements

  • Correct a structural flaw or fix damage

  • Accommodate a proposed change to a building

  • Please get in touch to discuss & our expert team will be ready to help

Exposure of unforeseen structural challenges can be overcome with the expert knowledge from our Engineering department to the installation of the structure.

Using a Point Cloud Survey has revolutionised the time and accuracy it takes to survey a building. The laser sends out millions of laser beams which return points as they hit surfaces to produce cloud point data. The 3D scans are then stitched together creating complete capture of the scene.

Inserting this data directly into Tekla software accelerates the process, identifies clashes and expedites the time it would take to detail the structure with pinpoint accuracy.

Contact our team today to learn more about our cut & carve services. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you finish your project.



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